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Hygiene and safety are priority for us!

Dear guests,
first of all, we hope that you and your loved ones are well.
In this unprecedented period of time, in which we all had to face ourselves with great strength and patience, neglecting our affection, our freedoms and much more, it has forcibly changed many of our habits.
Today, more than ever, we can remember to slowly take back our daily lives and come back to appreciate all that we love.
Now everything depends on us, on our consciousness and our goodwill.
However, we are pleased to announce that we will plan the opening of the winter season from December 4th, 2021, in order to guarantee you a fantastic stay in complete safety.
Your health, the health of your loved ones and our team has become our priority!
For this reason, we undertake to adhere to the contagion control measures provided for our region in order to guarantee maximum security.
Our goal: to offer you a quiet, carefree and relaxing holiday in Alta-Badia!



• The entire pension is reserved exclusively for our house guests.
• Online check-in: Before arrival, you can independently enter the document data and therefore speed up the procedure for the collection of the keys without waiting, you will have to deliver the documents alone for a quick check.
• Obligation to use protective masks (nose / mouth) in the entire pension, both inside and outside, for all employees and for all guests from the age of 6. However, it is recommended for children up to 5 years of age. With the exception of one's own family circle.
• Protective masks and disposable gloves are also provided by the guest house.
• In the entire area of ​​the pension (inside and outside) there is a distance of 2 meters, with the exception of one's own family circle.
• You will find hand disinfection columns in all areas of the guest house, e.g. B. at all external entrances, entrances to public areas, in front of the elevator.
• Use of the elevator is only permitted individually or with family members and only after hand disinfection.
• All detergents and disinfectants used have a certified antibacterial and antiviral effect.
• Continuous training of our team to ensure compliance and strict application of all preventive measures should guarantee you safety.

Cleaning and disinfection of public areas

• Repeated daily sanitation of all public areas.
• Repeated daily disinfection of all critical points of contact (handrail, elevator buttons, door handles etc. etc.)
• Cleaning of rooms, special deep cleaning and disinfection of all rooms before occupation on arrival.
• Daily cleaning of the rooms according to the current hygiene protocols.
• Use of new cleaning tools for each room (differentiated towels, gloves and fresh water).
• The bed linen and towels are cleaned and disinfected by the in-house laundry according to certified washing processes.
• The cleaning staff wear protective masks (mouth / nose) as well as protective gloves.

Dining room

• Access to buffets only with protective masks (mouth / nose) and with disposable gloves available and at the specified distance (2 meters).
• Division between the tables with a plexiglass partition.
• All table linen is cleaned and disinfected by the in-house laundry according to certified washing processes.
• Use of protective masks (mouth / nose) and disposable gloves during all food processing and food production processes as well as during service.

The measures listed are subject to changes in connection with subsequent legal adjustments

We would be happy to provide you with further information, answer your questions and clear up any doubts.
We look forward to welcoming you to our pension